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Introducing the Luxedo Projector!

Are you tired of climbing up a ladder every year to hang Christmas lights? How about having to buy new decorations for every single holiday, event, party, and birthday?

Well worry no more! With the Luxedo Projector, all of your decorations are projected onto virtually any flat surface - and you can change them at will!

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About the Luxedo Projector

Finally, a new product comes to market that makes millions of lives easier! The Luxedo Projector System dresses up any surface inside or outside of a home or business. No more hassle of decorating for a party or the holidays. No more signs and banners in stores or businesses. Imagine a device that projects anything you want - graphics, decorations, advertisements or messages - on any surface you want to use. From the comfort of your desk or couch, you can create compelling messages, elaborate holiday decorations, or just have fun designing anything you want to project. Using your phone, laptop or mobile device, you can string Christmas lights around your home, advertise this week's special sale, or created a magical atmosphere for your daughter's birthday party. Let's say it is Christmas time and you want to decorate the outside of your home or business with icicle lights on the gutters, a Santa on the garage door, and wreathes on the windows. Just log into the Luxedo website via computer or smart phone, the projection devise will automatically take a photo of the building, and then decorate your home electronically! If you have used this decorating pattern using the site in the past, you would simply select the saved skin, and it would be displayed on the outside surface. If you are decorating this pattern for the first time, all you would have to do is create a new skin, drag images from the catalog to the skins, position and scale atop the still image of the outside surface, click save, and the images will be displayed on the outside surface. Should you want to reuse the pattern, it will be saved in your personal file.

The weather-resistant Luxedo Projector System is not limited to just decorating. It can also help advertise, entertain, and celebrate, both indoors and outdoors. Businesses can advertise discounts, specials or new services without printing expensive banners or signs - and the projected messages are bright and more eye-catching than traditional signage. Businesses can also change those messages or images at any time.

The 2500-Lumen Luxedo Projector System utilizes 3LCD technology, which is superior to older LCD and DLP technologies and delivers a bright, vibrant projected image. The real power behind the system is the Luxedo web app. Preloaded with thousands of graphics including holiday themes, fonts, graphic images and a drag-and-drop user interface, the Luxedo app allows users to quickly and easily design whatever they want and project it on any surface.

About Us

Our team is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs, engineers, manufacturers, and operational excellence experts with more than 50 years of entrepreneurial and manufacturing experience, so rest assured the Luxedo Projector will exceed your expectations.